We couldn’t have finished the week without playing outside, without being in contact with nature. Today pirates have thought about the importance of the environment, moreover they have written a message for it. We have hung all messages in our favorite tree in the playground with the objectives of both decorating the tree and delivering…


Today we have braved the worst storm to reach Japan! Despite such horrible weather, we’ve stayed on the ship and made our own spyglasses to watch what’s coming from afar. We´ve learnt how to describe the face in English and how to say different emotions too. We have also finished decorating our ship so that…


Our friend Michael, the crocodile has arrived to our school. He has been recieved from children with laughs and shouts of happiness. As we expected he has had such fun that he has decided to come back home with us.
p1140356.jpg p1140352.jpg p1140346.jpg p1140340.jpg p1140325.jpg img-20140702-wa0001.jpg


Today we have carried on painting our Japanese trees which are looking beautiful! We have also been lucky enough to listen to a Japanese story in English and draw our own versions of the characters afterwards. One of the groups has done a treasure hunt through Japan, searching for our new Japanese friend the monkey!…


Today we have continued our voyage in Japan by tasting some of the local food! After having created our own colourful aprons and chef´s hats, we have had the opportunity to make sushi from crepes with a delicious chocolate and fruit filling. Finally, we have painted a typical Japanese tree using old plastic bottles and…


Today we have enjoyed a relaxing session with all of our pirate friends. Our crew was delighted listening to relaxing Japanese music . After playing and learning English all day the pirates needed it, and some of them got sleep. Zzzzzzz!! Relax.
p1170264.jpg p1170259.jpg p1170256.jpg p1170239.jpg p1170225.jpgp1170218.jpg p1170211.jpg


We have just started our Japanese journey. We have discovered a wonderful new food called sushi and have been informed of the traditional way to eat it. We have seen many different kinds and ways to eat it. We have also used our artistic skills to create fantastic portraits of pirates.
img-20140630-wa0015.jpg img-20140630-wa0014.jpg img-20140630-wa0012.jpg img-20140630-wa0011.jpg img-20140630-wa0010.jpg img-20140630-wa0009.jpg img-20140630-wa0008.jpg img-20140630-wa0005.jpg img-20140630-wa0004.jpg img-20140630-wa0002.jpg img-20140630-wa0001.jpg img-20140630-wa0000.jpg img_20140630_131109.jpg img_20140630_104333.jpg