Hi! Today it’s Thursday!

Just one day left of our African week! Would you like to know what have we done today? Yes? Today we have done an African mask and then we have danced and we have sung the “waka waka song???. It’s was very funny! And we hope you will like the video! In kindergarten, we have…

Friday! Our last day in Europe!

In kindergarten we have done our Olympic medal! We are champions! European citizens have gone to the swimming pool the whole morning! It was quite funny so we enjoyed it a lot. We swam and laughed and more and more, always learning English. That’s perfect! Have a nice weekend and see you next Monday! We…


Ahir per la vesprada várem realitzar la reunió informativa a famílies.

Presentàrem horaris, activitats, materials, acampada … i tot en un ambient acollidor i en anglés on compartirem un berenar d’estiu amb orxata i fartons.

 reunio-se-2.JPG reunio-se-5.JPG reunio-se-1.JPG reunio-se-4.JPG reunio-se-3.JPG reunio-se-6.JPG


Thanks a lot and Welcome!