We have just started our Japanese journey. We have discovered a wonderful new food called sushi and have been informed of the traditional way to eat it. We have seen many different kinds and ways to eat it. We have also used our artistic skills to create fantastic portraits of pirates.
img-20140630-wa0015.jpg img-20140630-wa0014.jpg img-20140630-wa0012.jpg img-20140630-wa0011.jpg img-20140630-wa0010.jpg img-20140630-wa0009.jpg img-20140630-wa0008.jpg img-20140630-wa0005.jpg img-20140630-wa0004.jpg img-20140630-wa0002.jpg img-20140630-wa0001.jpg img-20140630-wa0000.jpg img_20140630_131109.jpg img_20140630_104333.jpg