We have just started our Japanese journey. We have discovered a wonderful new food called sushi and have been informed of the traditional way to eat it. We have seen many different kinds and ways to eat it. We have also used our artistic skills to create fantastic portraits of pirates.
img-20140630-wa0015.jpg img-20140630-wa0014.jpg img-20140630-wa0012.jpg img-20140630-wa0011.jpg img-20140630-wa0010.jpg img-20140630-wa0009.jpg img-20140630-wa0008.jpg img-20140630-wa0005.jpg img-20140630-wa0004.jpg img-20140630-wa0002.jpg img-20140630-wa0001.jpg img-20140630-wa0000.jpg img_20140630_131109.jpg img_20140630_104333.jpg


We set sail for the high seas and went on an oceanic adventure. Now we have proven our pirate skills: we have fought against the waves, we have conquered desert islands and we have the treasure of experience to take home with us.
img-20140627-wa0013.jpg img-20140627-wa0012.jpg img-20140627-wa0009.jpg img-20140627-wa0008.jpg img-20140627-wa0006.jpgimg-20140627-wa0003.jpg img-20140627-wa0001.jpgimg-20140627-wa0000.jpg


The end of the week has arrived so for saying goodbye the Friday we have enjoyed all together outside. Pirates have been in contact with the nature, we have played each other investigating around the playground, what is more, we have been collecting different elements from the nature in order to make a giant mural…


This week the pirate Comarcal crew has travelled to Venice, and we all know the most popular meal in Italy is pizza. Today the pirates of the world have had such fun due to the fact that we have become real cooks!. Using flour, tomato and some ingredients we have tried to make a pizza…


During our stay in Venice, today we have learnt how to build our own gondola. Through this we have reviewed the colours, numbers and the time once again. We have done some interactive audiovisual activities to make students participate and engage in the learning process.
img-20140626-wa0008.jpg img-20140626-wa0007.jpg img-20140626-wa0006.jpg img-20140626-wa0005.jpg img-20140626-wa0004.jpgimg-20140626-wa0003.jpg img-20140626-wa0002.jpg img-20140626-wa0001.jpg img-20140626-wa0000.jpg

Third day of kindergarten

This week can’t finish without immotalizing our adventure. That is way we have made a really special photo frame in wich appeares our friend the parrot and the treasure chest we have found at the Comarcal Island. It’s incredible with our pirate hat and our eye patch. We look authentic pirates!

p1160997.JPG p1160991.JPG p1160985.JPG p1160983.JPG p1160980.JPG p1160979.JPG p1160975.JPGdsc_2479.jpg dsc_2478.jpg

Pirate Parrots

Mireu quins companys de viatge mes bonics hem trobat hui a l’Escola! S’ho han passat tan bé que han decidit vindre-se’n a casa amb nosaltres. ———————————————————————— Look at that! Today we have found at school a beautiful travel companion: Pirate Parrots Thy had had so fun that they have decided come home with us. Take…