We had a very special day. Today we enjoyed a relaxing session.

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Today we have practised some sports and we have fun creating our own collages with magazines. We love it!

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What beautiful and funny buffons have come to school today! We have designed our hat. Do you like it?

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Today we have made our magician’s ties. In the cooking workshop, we have prepared healthy fresh, and natural ice creams made with fruit and pineapple juice. We are really expert in the kitchen!!

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Today we are starting a new week at the summer school. First we have had fun all together with the new technologies and the digital whiteboard. Ahter that, as it is very hot, we have played in our swimming-pools. See you Tomorrow!        The week starts, we have done sports and enjoyed outdoor games. After…

Today we have been jugglers. We have enjoyed in a trainning session as professional circus. Also, we have taken the circus tickets at home. What a funny experience!!!      Today, we met a great friend called Clarence the clown. Through meeting him, we learnt that having friends helps us overcame difficult situations. Now we have…

Where have we found  this rabbit? When we have made our hat, there wasn’t anything inside… It has been an amazing experience. Such a good day!

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Today we are professional cooks, we have prepared a delicious dessert, an apple split with apple and chocolate. We have learnt and practised actions. An enjoyable morning!

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