Pirates not only captain a ship but they also take care of the environment. Even though pirates like to sail alone, they have planted some seeds to show their love. Do you like it? It is self-made using recycled materials. Incredible!! Enjoy the weekend.

p1170569.jpg p1170556.jpg p1170550.jpg p1170541.jpg p1170531.jpg p1170527.jpg p1170523.jpg


Today, after one of the best sleepovers that we have ever had, we have enjoyed a morning full of relaxing activities, we have created our own Polynesian costumes to get completely involved in this amazing culture. Unfortunately, we have said goodbye to many friendly pirates this week, but we will always keep in touch with…


It is Thursday…today pirates have became cooks again. Children have developed their culinary skills to make some “enrolladets”. They have used the rolling pin as well as their hands to roll the sausage into the wheat pancake. Do you want to taste it?

p1170497.jpg p1170481.jpg p1170475.jpg p1170469.jpg p1170468.jpg p1170467.jpg


Despite the cloudy weather this morning, today we’ve been able to plough through Polynesian waters having lots of fun and games! We’ve also been preparing ourselves for our night aboard ship, we are now ready to party the night away with all our lovely friends. We will have a big feast and lots of fun…


Today has been a busy day. Our pirates have learned and reviewed the English words for various parts of the body and encountered dinosaurs along the way! The unearthing of an ancient papyrus from Polynesia led to the deciphering of a dramatic fable that was both enlightening and entertaining.

img-20140709-wa0022.jpg img-20140709-wa0016.jpg img-20140709-wa0015.jpg img-20140709-wa0008.jpg img-20140709-wa0004.jpg img-20140709-wa0002.jpg img_20140709_130039.jpg


Today our adventures have led us to a place inhabited by miniature people and of course, being pirates we have encountered other pirates, only much smaller than us! We have tasted the local cuisine by making our own fruit ice lollies. Finally, we needed some extra crew members for our voyage home and we thought…


Our pirate ship has arrived in Polynesia where the most popular gift is a flowered necklace. In order to make our pirates believe we are actually in that place, the Comarcal crew has made a wonderful necklace with chocolate flowers; but caution…it is just for decoration, it is not for eating!