Pirates of kindergarten! The Summer School is over! Ohh! This year we have had a lot of fun, we’ve made new friends, we’ve enjoyed with the nature, we’ve cooked as great chefs, we’ve worked, we’ve been real pirates, and especially, we’ve been very happy sharing unforgettable moments. We hope you have a great summer… And…


Today we’ve carried on our travels through one of the world´s biggest islands, Madagascar! We’ve played with our new animal friends of the tropical forest creating and acting out our own role plays which has been lots of fun. It´s been another great day on this exciting island and tomorrow we will swim in the…


Today we have tried the local cuisine once again by making delicious cookies using chocolate made from local Madagascan cocoa. We´ve also used colourful hundreds and thousands to top it off. It was such a treat and we can´t wait to eat them!

img-20140723-wa0004.jpg img-20140723-wa0002.jpg img_20140723_122839.jpg img_20140723_122826.jpg


Today, when pirates were crossing the seas, they have enjoyed a psychomotricity session. They have been playing, jumping and running surrounded by a lot of coloured soap bubbles everywhere. It was really difficult to catch them, nevertheless children tried it and had a good time. This is the result!

p1170959.jpg p1170967.jpg p1170985.jpg p1170986.jpg


Today our new friends the lemur, parrot and chameleon have been teaching us all the different parts of an animal’s body. We have also carried on our adventure through the Madagascan rainforests trying out the local cuisine. Tomorrow we will try and make our own version of the local dish so we can take it…