Today we’ve started the last adventure of our travels. We’ve finally arrived in Madagascar! What a weird and wonderful place. We’ve ventured through the tropical rainforests and made friends with the furry lemurs, camouflaged chameleons and singing parrots. We’ve even made our own masks so that we can play and have fun with the animals…


The Comarcal pirates were sailing the seas looking for a dry land when they realized they had a problem… they couldn’t find the island, it was too far away to see it! Suddenly one of them had an idea: “what about making a telescope?”. Now, can you find the way back home?

p1170888.jpg p1170877.jpg p1170876.jpg p1170868.jpg


Today we rounded off the week with a dip in the water. Everybody had great fun on Comarcal Island, which for many of us was our final voyage in our pirate adventure. Those brave enough will continue through next week, but for the majority it is time for a well earned rest…with our prized treasure…


Attention! Pirates can also be cooks too! On Thursday we are going to eat a treasure chest full of gold. No! It is not a real treasure chest but a very sweet chocolate cake. These pirates know how to do lots of things: painting, singing, dancing and cooking. What do you think about their creation?…


Today we created some beautiful traditional necklaces to be worn proudly by all who have them. We have also crafted some interesting fashionable key rings. We have learned essential vocabulary for going to see the doctor and of course we have had great fun along the way!

img-20140717-wa0019.jpg img-20140717-wa0017.jpg img-20140717-wa0012.jpg img-20140717-wa0008.jpg img-20140717-wa0006.jpg img-20140717-wa0005.jpg img_20140717_143636.jpg


This Wednesday the Comarcal pirates have sailed all the seas, and they have arrived to the island of Cuba. There, they have had a really good time making a “maracas” with recycled materials. It was really funny! They have used their “maracas” to sing and dance salsa.

p1170786.jpg p1170782.jpg p1170769.jpg p1170757.jpg p1170755.jpg p1170725.jpg p1170721.jpg


Every pirate has a good story to tell, so today we have written our own and presented them to our fellow shipmates. Through pictures, new written and aural vocabulary we have entertained and enlightened each other and we have our presentation sheets for other pirates to find in the future.

img-20140716-wa0011.jpg img-20140716-wa0010.jpg img-20140716-wa0009.jpg img-20140716-wa0005.jpg img_20140716_143410.jpg img_20140716_105038.jpg img_20140716_104856.jpg


They couldn’t have been “Pirates of the world” without making their pirate necklace. The crew has used all kind of materials to make them look beautiful: an authentic pirate gold medal, coloured cardboards and wood pieces with very funny shapes. What a thrill designing our medal. And… What good-looking pirates!

p1170704.jpg p1170689.jpg p1170672.jpg p1170670.jpg p1170669.jpg p1170656.jpg