Today our adventures have led us to a place inhabited by miniature people and of course, being pirates we have encountered other pirates, only much smaller than us! We have tasted the local cuisine by making our own fruit ice lollies. Finally, we needed some extra crew members for our voyage home and we thought…


Our pirate ship has arrived in Polynesia where the most popular gift is a flowered necklace. In order to make our pirates believe we are actually in that place, the Comarcal crew has made a wonderful necklace with chocolate flowers; but caution…it is just for decoration, it is not for eating!



This week we have begun our journey through Polynesia. We have shared our experiences with the native culture by making our own traditional souvenir, a mobile, which is very typical of the region.  Our pirates have pulled together as comrades, hence showing their collaborative spirit, the true spirit of a pirate, through some new and…


We couldn’t have finished the week without playing outside, without being in contact with nature. Today pirates have thought about the importance of the environment, moreover they have written a message for it. We have hung all messages in our favorite tree in the playground with the objectives of both decorating the tree and delivering…


Today we have braved the worst storm to reach Japan! Despite such horrible weather, we’ve stayed on the ship and made our own spyglasses to watch what’s coming from afar. We´ve learnt how to describe the face in English and how to say different emotions too. We have also finished decorating our ship so that…


Our friend Michael, the crocodile has arrived to our school. He has been recieved from children with laughs and shouts of happiness. As we expected he has had such fun that he has decided to come back home with us.
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