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Yesterday and today in Kindergarten… 


Was the turn of another musical film, and what musical film is more fun than The Wizard of Oz? We chose one character and painted its hair with spaghetti! Do you want to know which character? The lion! Painting its hair with spaghetti and then playing with the spaghetti afterwards was so much fun!
foto-22-7-15-12-22-15.jpg foto-22-7-15-12-19-08.jpg foto-22-7-15-11-05-33.jpg foto-22-7-15-11-03-40.jpg foto-22-7-15-11-02-13.jpg

The last cooking day of Summer School! And to say goodbye to the cooking we chose a nice, healthy and fresh recipe! Fruit tart casings! Everyone picked their favourite fruits and they have put them together to create the tartlet! Yummy, yummy!

foto-23-7-15-10-16-38.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-18-34.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-21-56.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-17-48.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-24-08.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-26-05.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-26-17.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-34-52.jpg foto-23-7-15-10-41-39.jpg



Today our students became real cinema directors with their clapperboards and saying lights, camera, action!
img-20150722-wa0002.jpg img-20150722-wa0000.jpg 20150722_130516.jpg



Hello! Continuing with the musical films theme, today is the turn of Mary Poppins! So we have drawn pictures of her with melted crayons! We have enjoyed doing them a lot and just look at the result! ItÔÇÖs beautiful! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

foto-21-7-15-12-07-02.jpg foto-21-7-15-11-48-56.jpg foto-21-7-15-11-48-44.jpg foto-21-7-15-10-36-22.jpg foto-21-7-15-10-25-43.jpg foto-21-7-15-10-25-20.jpg
We might possibly have future master chef kids in our summer school as shown in our cookery class making biscuits.
20150721_121120.jpg 20150721_121011.jpg 20150721_121007.jpg

Last Friday… 


Last Friday, after a very hot week we had our long awaited visit to the swimming pool.
img-20150717-wa0025.jpg img-20150717-wa0024.jpg img-20150717-wa0016.jpg



Good afternoon! A new week means new film genre, and for this last week the genre we have chosen is Musicals! To start the week we created snowballs with figures inside them, and the figures are characters of musical films: Mary Poppins. It has been lots fun and even more fun shaking them!
foto-20-7-15-12-44-01.jpg foto-20-7-15-12-15-44.jpg foto-20-7-15-12-09-01.jpg foto-20-7-15-12-00-09.jpg foto-20-7-15-11-58-43.jpg foto-20-7-15-11-58-11.jpg foto-20-7-15-10-52-05.jpg foto-20-7-15-10-43-38.jpg

We tried our coordination skills by running three-legged race which was a success and then we made our own Hollywood stars.
img-20150720-wa0014.jpg img-20150720-wa0011.jpg 20150720_1029101.jpg 20150720_102849.jpg 20150720_101946.jpg



Yesterday… in Kindergarten…
Today we became cooks again! As itÔÇÖs very hot we did something for keeping ourselves cools. Can you guess it? ThatÔÇÖs right! We prepared delicious smoothies, ice-cream, yogurt, sweets…mmmmm yummy yummy in my tummy.
p1190421.JPG p1190413.JPG foto-16-7-15-13-55-10.jpg foto-16-7-15-13-55-10.jpg foto-16-7-15-11-37-00.jpg foto-16-7-15-11-01-59.jpg foto-16-7-15-10-55-13.jpg

In Primary…
Today was an adventurous day we had to find a hidden treasure and then we built some rockets and we conquered the space.
20150716_141402.jpg img-20150716-wa0001.jpg img-20150716-wa0007.jpg




p1190388.JPG p1190383.JPG p1190378.JPG p1190373.JPG p1190350.JPG foto-15-7-15-10-49-31.jpg p1190330.JPG foto-14-7-15-12-12-59.jpg foto-14-7-15-12-12-54.jpg foto-14-7-15-12-12-54-1.jpg foto-14-7-15-12-12-50-2.jpg foto-14-7-15-12-12-50-1.jpg

Today we started with some outdoor activities and then we made some superheroe bracelets and rafts using straws
img-20150715-wa0030.jpg img-20150715-wa0025.jpg img-20150715-wa0022.jpg 20150715_101543.jpg 20150715_101529.jpg



Today we got ready for our adventure making our rafts and preparing our centipede snack for our next trip.
20150714_114703.jpg 20150714_114712.jpg 20150714_120948.jpg img-20150714-wa0010.jpg img-20150714-wa0023.jpg



Today children went to the cinema. They had the opportunity to watch different films and they also had money for buying the cinema ticket even for popcorns. Kids had a lot of fun with this cinema session. Here some photos of the experience!
foto-13-7-15-12-00-55.jpg foto-13-7-15-12-00-56.jpg foto-13-7-15-12-01-04.jpg p1190290.JPG p1190307.JPG p1190310.JPG p1190316.JPG p1190318.JPG
After enjoying our game called steal the bacon in the playground, we continued with our art and craft workshop making fantastic bracelets.
img-20150713-wa0026.jpg img-20150713-wa0018.jpg img-20150713-wa0014.jpg img-20150713-wa0013.jpg img-20150713-wa0010.jpg 20150713_121941.jpg 20150713_121925.jpg 20150713_102402.jpg



Friday is nature day! And to end Western week we have created a typical western scenery: we have made our own cactus! First we painted them and then we put them together and planted them outside! DonÔÇÖt they look fantastic? See you next week!

p1190288.JPG p1190283.JPG p1190252.JPG p1190249.JPG img-20150710-wa0005.jpg img-20150710-wa0004.jpg img-20150710-wa0002.jpg img-20150710-wa0001.jpg

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