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The last day of the week, so we have taken part in a fun activity related to nature: we have coloured drawings of science fiction characters, like, for example lego! But we haven’t coloured them in with brushes! We have done it with the things that we have found in the playground: stones, sticks, leaves… It has been a lot of fun painting and playing in the nature! Have a nice weekend!
p1190104.JPG p1190099.JPG p1190095.JPG
p1190093.JPG img-20150703-wa0010.jpg img-20150703-wa0000.jpg dsc_2126.JPG

Even though the weather today was cloudy it didn’t prevent the children from having a nice time at the swimming pool.
img-20150703-wa0010.jpg img-20150703-wa0004.jpg 20150703_125452.jpg 20150703_104225.jpg



Today is Thursday! So what does that mean? It means it’s the cooking workshop! As the film genre of the week is science fiction, we have chosen to do something with lego! Yes, you have read it right, lego for eating: pizza lego! Have a look, we have certainly have had lots of fun making them!

p1190079.JPG p1190047.JPG p1190042.JPG p1190035.JPG p1190032.JPG p1190023.JPG dsc_2117.JPG dsc_2115.JPG 20150702_102038.jpg

Yesterday and today we have been very busy making our cowboy hats and wanted posters.
img-20150701-wa0011.jpg img-20150701-wa0009.jpg img-20150701-wa0003.jpg 20150702_095616.jpg 20150702_095516.jpg



Us recordem que hi ha dates de reunions que han canviat, per això us demanem que reviseu bé l’Agenda.



Good morning! Today we have been very relaxed! Why? Because in kindergarten we had a relaxing session! While we listened to relaxing music, we played with swimming pool floats, balls, did massages… We nearly fell asleep!

p1190010.JPG p1190006.JPG p1190004.JPG img-20150701-wa0001.jpg img-20150701-wa0000.jpg



As always, after breakfast and assembly, we started with our film genre activity of the week, in this case science fiction films! So today the kids have had plenty of fun building their own little spaceship! Here are some photos so that you can see them, do you think they will get up into space?
p1190002.JPG p1180997.JPG p1180995.JPG img-20150630-wa0004.jpg img-20150630-wa0002.jpg img_20150630_122900.JPG dsc_2099.JPG dsc_2095.JPG 20150630_112939.jpg

Once again our kids enjoyed the cooking workshop making a cow’s face out of bread, ham, cheese and olives.

20150630_120944.jpg 20150630_133005.jpg img-20150630-wa0006.jpg img-20150630-wa0007.jpg

Monday… monday 



Hello! As you know, a new week means a new film genre! This week it’s the turn of science fiction films! So today, we started with the film of ‘’Wall-e’’ making some Wall-e glasses! What do you think of them? We have had lots of fun making them and looking through them!

dsc_2071.JPG img-20150629-wa0000.jpg img-20150629-wa0001.jpg dsc_2078.JPG p1180965.JPG 20150629_113235.jpg 20150629_103136.jpg


We invaded the far west with our rain dances, hoping that the rain god will open the skies and wet us as we were very hot.

img-20150629-wa0019.jpg img-20150629-wa0016.jpg img-20150629-wa0000.jpg 20150629_104345.jpg 20150629_144248.jpg




Even though the students already enjoy the nature every day, today we have realized an activity more focused in it. The kids, as real explorers, have looked for frozen animals since thousands of years ago. What have they found? Here you have some photos of our adventure! See you next week!
dsc_2043.JPG img-20150626-wa0003.jpg dsc_2041.JPG dsc_2040.JPG dsc_2038.JPG dsc_2035.JPG dsc_2027.JPG dsc_2026.JPG dsc_2021.JPG dsc_2018.JPG

We finished the week in a very refreshing way by going to the water park. There, the kids had a fabulous time and did not want to come back to school.
img-20150626-wa0042.jpg img-20150626-wa0030.jpg img-20150626-wa0021.jpg img-20150626-wa0018.jpg img-20150626-wa0017.jpg img-20150626-wa0009.jpg img-20150626-wa0003.jpg img-20150626-wa0002.jpg img-20150626-wa0003.jpg

Thursday in Summer School 


Today we started with the cooking workshop, how exciting! The kids have become chefs and have prepared a recipe from a three star restaurant. Look at these cheese, ham and bread lollipops. What do you think about them? Yummy!

p1180938.jpg p1180928.jpg p1180913.jpg img-20150625-wa0013.jpg img-20150625-wa0009.jpg img_20150625_143404.jpg img_20150625_123816.jpg dsc_2011-1.jpg dsc_2006.jpg 20150625_104505.jpg

Today we had fun turning our playground into a target game using chalk and sponges. We started a new workshop with balloons and paper-mache technique using wool.

img-20150625-wa0006.jpg 20150625_140830.jpg 20150625_101736.jpg 20150625_101616.jpg 20150625_101602.jpg img-20150625-wa0008.jpg img-20150625-wa0010.jpg



El termini per a formalitzar la matricula en els nivells d’Educació Infantil i Educació Primària finalitza el proper dilluns dia 29 de juny a les 13h30’.

Wednesday in Summer School 



As you know, this year, each week of the summer school we will be working with a different film genre. This week we will be working with adventure movies. Inspired by the film ‘’Boxtrolls’’, we have characterized as these characters, so the children have been able to create and personalize their own box with witch we have had a great time.

p1180897.jpg img-20150624-wa0000.jpg img_20150624_112755.jpg img_20150624_110916.jpg dsc_1988.jpg 20150624_102539.jpg


We experimented with soap, hair gel and water to make giant water bubbles, it was easy and the kids loved it. Then, we tried out our ICT skills in the computing room. We could tell that some of the kids are really up-to-date with technology.

img-20150624-wa0013.jpg img-20150624-wa0011.jpg img-20150624-wa0007.jpg img-20150624-wa0004.jpg img-20150624-wa0002.jpg img-20150624-wa0016.jpg img-20150624-wa0017.jpg

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